That’s my theme for 2016. I’ve old patterns to discard to make room for new ones – figuratively and literally. Letting go of material ‘stuff’ that just takes up time and space to make room for creativity. Letting go of old ideas and completing unfinished products (that I deem important) to make room for new developments. Simplicity.

We each tend to have lots of ideas… if only… we had… what? More time? More money? More help? More… whatever. But letting go of the old ideas to make room for one or two new ones may just offer a greater sense of satisfaction. Hanging on only tends to give us blisters on our hands and often we’re facing in the wrong direction.

At 70, the thinking that the ‘old days were the better days’ is, well, just showing my age! I’m not done dreaming, creating, and doing new things. Just as I did at 50, and 60! There are no rules that say STOP! Only my self-perception, some old wives tales, or some myth I continue to believe.

I am not done! I am not living in yesterday. I am gleaning the lessons of yesteryear to use wisely today. But today, I move forward with new dreams and projects.

It starts with SIMPLICITY. Simplicity in my life style, simplicity in my goals, simplicity in my thinking! I have a couple internet ideas that I want to develop. I’ve been bogged down in all the ways they can be accomplished. In getting caught in this circular thinking, I lose track of where I’m going.

SIMPLICITY is key. Start! Add to it. Edit. Revise. Add more. But for heaven’s sake, START! In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in the next big thing, the next piece of software, the newest social media, but if we never START, none of those things matter. Quit giving attention to what others are doing and give attention to what you are doing. Stop comparing yourself to those you follow on Facebook or Twitter, and start creating your own story. Come alive! Start! Move forward! Dream! Create! Today! Simply and with bravado. Let the joy of creating carry your forward!

So today and for 2016, my  touchstone will be SIMPLICITY!

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