2017… here’s my plan. What’s yours?

First, Happy New Year 2017!

Lots of changes in the air. Politics surely has everyone behaving as if they were a ‘bobblehead.’

But, all in all, each of us will continue the same path – day in and day out – hoping for a better outcome. Well, you know, that IS the definition of insanity! You know that, right!?

I propose that we sit down, take an honest look at our past year. Ask some tough questions. Then forge a new path in 2017.

Harder? Absolutely! Potential for failure! Sure! But the old path won’t get us much either. So what do you say?

Here are some tough questions:

  • I know there’s always some reason ‘out there’ that caused my lack of success. But get serious, what part did I play?
  • Did I learn anything new? No, not about ‘out there’ but about ME? Ask that one of yourself again.
  • Am I still quoting the best times of years gone by, without seeing how times really have changed?
  • Do I miss the ‘good ole days’, thus blinding me to the opportunities all around me today?
  • Can I tilt my head and see my business and personal life from a new angle? If not, why not!?
  • Do I see the missteps? Can I see the opportunities?
  • Am I admitting that any failure or lack I have has “ME” as a major component? What can I change now to change future outcomes?

Here’s what I’m planning to do:

  1. Finish my small biz book: 21 Million Strong! and get it on kindle ASAP – like no later than April 2017
  2. Work steadfastly on my 2 interviews a week for the new site: Havre de Grace Stories
    so that I can create my weekly podcasts and start another book!
  3. Write more… seems pretty obvious if I’m a writer. I’ve never figured out why ‘we writers’ forget that!
  4. Work with a couple small business get a website up and their fb going!
  5. Remember that, as the Terminator says: “I’m old, I’m not obsolete.”

Send me an email or jump on facebook and post your plans for 2017! And from another of my favorite movies: “Make it so, Number 1.”

YOU are “Number 1” …

Here’s to a great 2017 on your terms! And if you need assistance, check out these pages:

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