Are You Annoying Your Customer

How Many Clicks?

I’ve seen a number of websites lately that are bound to annoy their visitors. Could it be YOU!?

Are you selling something on line? Are you posting on social media and other places for an event or a product? Does that post take them directly – DIRECTLY – to the information they want with a quick click and they can buy? Or are you taking them on a round-robin approach… clicking, not seeing what they’re after, scrolling and clicking again, then another click to find out the price, before clicking again to buy?

If the above description is what you’re doing… rethink it and FAST!

If you mention something in a social post, make the link go DIRECTLY to the item they’re after (whether it’s a product description, an event listing, or a ticket purchase). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have the price listed along with the other pertinent information. Don’t make them add an unnecessary click. They’re already interested. Take them to the info… that has the ‘buy now’ button. Or… better yet … if you’re ‘buy now’ button has all the info and a photo, take them directly there. If your menus return them back to the rest of the website, excellent. If not, provide a link to return to the site for other things.

Most certainly there are sites that tease, and keep teasing, or give you an offer and a follow-up offer. But customers are getting more savvy every day. You don’t that and neither do they.

Don’t make them search for something they want! They’ve clicked on the link to take them to a specific product, service or event. Try it yourself. Click on your post that offers a ticket, event or product. Where does it take you? How many more times does that person have to click to get all the info they need to make the purchase? More than two?

Maybe you want to re-think the process.


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