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PDFs from the Havre de Grace ~ the meeting place tourism publication (note: if there’s no author attributed to the article, it’s because I published the magazine):


11 Ways to Enjoy Havre de Grace 2006 – It wouldn’t be a premier edition if we didn’t do our best to introduce you to our fine city of Havre de Grace, to find a variety of reasons for you to visit, and to encourage you to return many times.

Don’t Be_a_Muggle_2010 -Combine a GPS, treasure hunt, and travel and you have the makings of the latest high-tech/low-tech, outdoor fun that you can enjoy alone or with friends and family.

Lafayette Trail_2008 – The article talks of a 4″ wide stripe that takes you throughout historic, downtown Havre de Grace highlighting more than 35 historic buildings. This has been replaced with fleur de lis medallions placed throughout the trail.

Winter_Walks_2006 – The fall/winter season is a great time to enjoy the surrounding parks. No bugs! Great views! And beautiful one-sweater-weather! Susquehanna State Park, a hidden jewel just three miles from downtown Havre de Grace, is a wonderful park offering something for nearly everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

One_Winter_Perspective_2010 – The thought of gray days short on daylight and treacherous ice or snow-covered walks tempt us to hibernate for the season. Just as Mother Nature covers herself with cold and dark, we have a tendency to hole-up indoors and count the dreary days until spring arrives once again. Well, stop that nonsense!

Walk_on_the_Waterside_2007 – In a community that sits where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay, the shoreline is a treasured asset. As our community grows and develops, some lucky folks are able to live on the water. They might choose living on a boat, in a condo, or a beautiful historic home. The rest of us also desire to be on or near the water and Havre de Grace offers ample opportunity to do so.


Janice_Frederick_- Stepping into Her Dream 2006 – She fusses as she paces back and forth searching for a common thread that will pull her thoughts together for her latest project—painting the strong, determined wisdom in the face of the Irish woman who works for peace but has seen little in her lifetime…

Change and_Our Sense of Place_2007 – In these times when we juggle our need for security with our desire for serenity, the artist often is our guide. By showing us how to ’tilt our head and see from a different perspective’, a local author offers us understanding through history, while a local poet presents a sense of balance by noticing the space we move in.

Runners_Blackout_Blocking_2010 – Sounds like the beginning of an action thriller? Maybe football? No, it’s actually a few of the terms used in theater production.

What_Is_A_Decoy_2007 – From the moment you step in the front door, you are swept into the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum’s newest exhibit. “What Is A Decoy’ offers visitors a unique learning experience tracing the evolution of decoys from simple gunning tools to treasured works of art.


A_Walk_Through_History_pt-1_2006 – The fall-winter season offers a wonderful time to stroll the historic district of Havre de Grace. Architectural details are easily noticed when the leaves of many trees and vines are gone.

A_Walk_Through_History_pt-2_2006 continued from part 1

Lighthouse_Legacy_200 – John Donahoo, a well-known and respected lighthouse builder, built the Concord Point Lighthouse and light keeper’s house. He was also a key figure in the commercial and economic development of our community.


Candlelight Tour 2008 – Have you ever wondered how the holiday season might be celebrated in one of the beautiful, historic homes in Havre de Grace? Or maybe you just hoped to discover a unque decorating idea?

Karen_Green_2007 – Right up front I’ll admit that Karen Green is one of the special people that I truly admire. Not because she’s perfect! But because she’s brilliant, talented, hilarious, persistent, a team-player, and truly a humanitarian! I don’t believe I’ve met a person who, while being so unassuming, accomplishes such a great deal. (Maybe that is the lesson for the rest of us!)

Mitch Mitchell_2007 – It was his hands that intrigued me most ~ large, strong, short-fingered. It was difficult to imagine him leaning over a desk with tweezers to create a tiny little sign for his model railroad.

Joe_K_and the North Park Trail_2006 – Thoughtful. Quiet speaking. Number cruncher. Always ready to lend a hand. Boy Scouts. Greenways. RiverSweep. City Councilman. Avid cyclist. Energetic volunteer. Family man. Friend. These are just a few of the descriptive phrases that might be used to characterize Joe Kochenderfer – or Joe K. as most of us know him. Put it all together and he’s one of our many unheralded civic-mind citizens.

Active_Retirement – an oxymoron?_2008 – In 2006 the first baby boomer signed up for their Social Security benefits. Through 2024 as many as 78 million will retire. Adding to that statistic, more than 10,000 people are turning 50 every day, many of the retiring as early as 50! Possibly now you can see the dynamic that has created the label – Active Retirement!


Creative_Gifting_2007 -Whether you’re searching for that perfect holiday gift, or the one-of-a-kind present for a friend or lover (or yourself), the shops and boutiques in Havre de Grace offer you a surprising variety.

Discovering the Aberdeen Room_2010 – There’s a small archive/museum in the heart of downtown Aberdeen where the past connects us to the present. The connector is made up of the many volunteers who catalogue, read, sort, display and prepare the materials that are donated. They are also the keepers of the stories bringing the facts of history to life for those who may have forgotten.

Tribute_to Mom_2008 – For you see, Mom is the very backbone of all that I’ve accomplished in the publishing world.

Weddings_2007 – Beautiful weddings in historic Havre de Grace have been popular for decades. And weddings at the Concord Point Lighthouse probably rank #1! But as I contacted various photographers for unique photographs, it didn’t take long to realize how creative couples can be in planning for their special day!

Wine_and Crabs_2007 – Beer and crabs is the common pairing. But if beer isn’t your beverage of choice, consider the following suggestions for pairing wine with crabs. First and foremost, nearly everyone agrees nowadays that, when in doubt, drink what you enjoy. The rule of thumb is red wine with red meats; white with chicken and fish. But it is no longer a faux pas to mix and match.

Wine_Tasting Dinners_2006 -The New Social Event – Friends are gathered. Anticipation grows. The last of the reservations are seated. The chef introduces the wine host. And the fun begins…

Santa_2008 – In the spirit of the season, it seemed only proper to contact the ‘jolly old man’ to learn some inside secrets about his philosophy on giving. Without a doubt, he’s a very busy boss this time of year.

My Dream Made Visible finally_2007 – The new logo for the magazine has been a long time in development. For seven years I’ve had an image in my mind. For that same seven years I’ve shared my concept with everyone and anyone who would listen.