Business Consulting

Small Business – Home Business – Entreprenuer – Solopreneur

No matter what term you use, the challenges are the same:

  • you have an idea
  • you don’t quite know how to start
  • everyone has an opinion to offer
  • you’ve read everything possible
  • your totally overwhelmed

Once you’ve started your business:

frustrated and buried under paperwork

  • you waffle on your marketing
  • you worry about cash flow
  • you’re buried in to-do lists
  • your competition becomes your obsession

If you hit crisis mode:

graphic of frustrated man at computer

  • you wonder if you can continue
  • you ask yourself if you should quit
  • you ache to figure out a solution
  • you feel isolated
  • you’ve lost touch with your mission
  • your personal energy is depleted

If you’re successful: ticket that says work smart - not hard

  • you’ve learned to discern between busyness and business
  • you’re nimble and find solutions quickly
  • you’ve taken the time to understand accounting, taxes, finances, legal issues
    cash flow, employee responsibilities if you have them
  • you’ve kept your mission in focus, but probably weren’t afraid to
    switch gears, if necessary
  • you’ve created a supportive network
  • you’ve learned from your vendors, professionals, mentors, employees
    and your clients/customers
  • you’ve discovered that periodically ‘stepping away’ is the best thing
    you can do for your success


I’ve started several small businesses. I dream like an entrepreneur, but my businesses have been much more ‘mom and pop.’ But I paid my living expenses. I took the hard knocks. I’ve won and I’ve lost. Would I do it again? I chuckle because I’m always doing it again. That’s the entrepreneur side of me.

I do not believe that failure is a bad thing if we’ve learned something. But learning something doesn’t mean “it was XYZ’s fault.” It means owning up to what we didn’t know… or what we chose not to know or do. There are many reasons for failure, but the owner is never without responsibility. Acknowledging and learning is what powers you through the loss to a new journey – a better path. That’s the small business side.

As a consultant, there are several areas that I’m best suited:

  • acting as a catalyst to help you just the hurdle
    Often your mired in the busyness, I can guide you back to your business.
  • identify potential roadblocks on your path
    In the midst of our big plan, we sometimes don’t see the stumbling blocks.
    I’m good at that. At the same time, I may be able to help you see other
    opportunities that you’re not noticing.
  • gain perspective when you’re overwhelmed
    Sometimes we don’t see the bigger picture. Other times we are missing
    the small steps that can lead to great potential
  • assist in helping you be more objective
    We all have our prejudices. How often I hear that “my business is different.”
    But is it? Really? There are principles that are the same for all businesses. The
    tweaking required for your particular business is just that – tweaking. Often,
    a listening ear can guide you back to what’s in your best interests and help you
    make the change required to get there.

I’ll share posts related specifically to business on this site. You’ll can find them all by clicking on the “business” category.

If you feel you could learn from my experience, feel free to contact me. Let’s see if we’re a fit. I’d love to help you get ‘unstuck’ and move forward!



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