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Writing, like all creative endeavors, is a mix of love and hate.

Like any worthwhile project, it requires serious ‘sit your butt in a chair’ and get busy. It also needs nurturing by flights of fantasy, imagining ‘what if’, and even a walk through town. Finding the balance … well, that’s the biggest challenge of the writing life!

graphic of frustrated writerat computerMost of my writing has been in non-fiction including marketing articles for Sunshine Artist Magazine, articles relating to business and lifestyle in local publications, and publishing my own weekly paper in Greene, NY in the late 80s and a tourism publication for Havre de Grace, MD over a 10-year period.

I love encouraging America’s 21 million small businesses (those self-employed folks with 0-4 employees) with how-to and marketing articles. If I can season an article with a great human interest story that serves to teach while celebrating the human spirit, I am most satisfied!

No matter what the purpose of an article, a story adds flavor and interest. The story draws your reader in and opens them to the possibilities your articles offer. My life has taken many a zigzag path. You’ll discover not only the background from where I am able to pull many ‘stories’, but you’ll also notice a variety of experiences that have offered wonderful learning experiences for me. I encourage you to visit my About Ellie Page.

Presently I’ve embarked on a new project that includes interviewing older citizens in my community with the purpose of sharing their experiences and their wisdom as they are each a ‘thread in the tapestry of our community.’ Having only a dozen of these interviews accomplished out of the 100+ I hope to get, I already have several writing ellieoopsideas for the future as well as hopefully a weekly podcast.

If you’re looking for a writer who starts with your reader in mind and enjoys sharing information in a thoughtful article that aims for clarity while encouraging action, I’m ready and excited to work with you!

CLICK HERE for articles I’ve published.

Looking forward to hearing from you if you need blogging articles, small business or lifestyle pieces, and, of course, I love writing about Havre de Grace!