Habits…Creating Better Ones

Stephen Guise’s book, “Mini Habits” is revolutionary in its simplicity.

I know.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Oh no, not another book on breaking bad habits. Not another book telling me I need to be persistent for just 30 days to a new life. Ya. Ya. Ya.

Stephen Guise has done a tremendous amount of research in writing this book. Yet one of the first things you’ll read refers to his ‘one push-up daily’ routine and takes you from there. The most exciting part of his journey is that, as you read, you’ll be thinking, “I could do one!” In this simplicity is the genius of mini-habits.


There’s science behind the approach and the author shares that information. But it’s a very easy read and throughout this short book you’ll be smiling at the possibilities in your own life.

The better you get at mini habits, the more success you’ll have in all areas of your life. ___Stephen Guise, Mini Habits

If you happen to be one of those folks living a minimalist lifestyle, this book will fit perfectly into that mindset. It is such a refreshing idea.

We are all trying to improve our lives, whether to be more creative, healthier, or just have more free time. You can accomplish your goals starting with “Just One!”

I encourage you to get your copy of this book ASAP! Then think about’ just one’ thing you’d like to create in your life: better health, routines that improve organization, creative routines, etc. Then get started with “Just One”! I know I’ll one day be reading about your success as a result!

Please Note: the book cover links to Amazon and, yes, it does have my affiliate link. So I may make a few pennies. Thanks.

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