How many days do you have left?

Value from a different perspective!

A sponsored ad on Facebook today caught my eye. I clicked on it and discovered 17000 days and Cara Stein’s Facebook page for the same. I was thinking about her concept of the 17,000 days, which was the time left before her projected death based on actuarial tables from the Social Security Administration. She then added a countdown timer to her website page to keep reminding her. Remind her of what, you might ask. Well, she decided that she needed to stop wasting time. Then she started with small changes. Visit her site for more of her story.

And what did it do for me? Well, curious as I am, I went to the actuarial tables to see what my projected time was – 87 years. So as of this writing and the age of 72, I have 5,460 days. Of course, looking at Cara’s 14,354 days (today) made me think about how quickly the days go by. I think about how many times I say, “Tomorrow….” So I added the counter to my website. I’m hoping it’ll ‘keep me honest.’

butterfly, daisies, and bare feet - making space

I have a book (or two) to complete. I want to work with individuals who desire to thrive in their entrepreneurial/small business endeavors. I would like my Social Security check to be ‘supplemental’ and not my lifeblood. I want to get back to laughing more which means improving on my relationships with family and friends.

I have 5,460 days … and this one is 1/2 gone!

What are you holding back? What gift have you not yet shared with the universe? Okay, what gift have you not shared with the person who is waiting for your message? What dream have you put on the back burner for way too long?

How many days do you have left? What are you going to do differently? Does it matter to you? Or do you think you have all the time in the world and are already accomplishing all you desire? Do you need a counter? I now have less than 5,460 days … this day is moving on … with or without me.


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