Thoughts After The Eclipse

Did your business take advantage of the eclipse press? No?


It was interesting in my community. As far as I know, no one did anything unique for the 2017 eclipse that crossed America. Surprised? Well, I should be, but I’m not.

For days before the event, folks were asking shops if they had the approved special glasses for viewing the event. Nope! The Public Library had them earlier, but they were all gone!

No meeting place to have a mini-celebration! No in-store experience! No special drinks or foods to celebrate the day! No mention on Facebook for something special in the stores! At least I didn’t see anything.

What’s with that? The ‘shop local’ community didn’t see an opportunity? Nope, guess not. After all, it only lasted a day! A special day – yes. But still just a day!

Come on all you local businesses! It’s time to start doing the work and quit waiting for someone else to do it. Seriously!



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