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Ellie Mencer - life explorer

 “I was to discover that the quest for human understanding is a lifetime one that has no end in sight.”
Margaret Bourke-White


Humanity intrigues me. Nature fills me with awe and wonder. Life enthuses me with joy and saddens me with emptiness and all the tones of emotions between the extremes.  In my mind I am always asking ‘why’ and continually search for answers, solutions, a new perspective or direction. Often sorting it out in my writing.

I love to write. I love to write on many topics. Some of it matters – much of it – well, who knows! But I write. My mind will not stop chasing my ideas and thoughts and commentary on the world around me.

So I’ve decided to allow my ramblings to sit quietly on this site. There is no ‘plan.’ I will write (and share, if you so desire to read) what comes to mind on a particular day or in a particular moment.

I do not intend to spend a great deal of time editing and definitely won’t censor my writing. This is a ‘study in writing’ one might say. I have other sites that are designed with purpose. But this site is just spontaneously me.

If you visit my ‘about page,’ you’ll discover a wide variety of life experiences. The thoughts that come with age regarding one’s experiences can be daunting, frustrating, uplifting, sad, joyous, incredibly refreshing or downright maddening. So it is.

To this journey in my ‘wiser’ years, I commit these writings. Enjoy. Savor. Then consider your own quest.



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