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 is the signature I created when I first entered the e-mail world in the mid-80s. I can’t count the thousands of times I’ve said, “Oops it worked! Now what do I do?”

As a self-taught entrepreneur that has included publishing a weekly advertising paper and, later, a semi-annual tourism magazine), plus a number of crazy adventures, ‘oops’ is a frequently uttered word in my daily life!

small_ellieBut through all my foibles and false starts, the adventures have also brought delightful discoveries, intriguing challenges, hair-pulling frustrations,  LOTS of chuckles and outright guffaws!

Throughout my life I’ve been trying new things, looking for a new adventure/venture. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong. Yet, you might wonder exactly how I have anything to write about that would be of any value. After all, everyone tries things.

And you may be correct! You’ll have to be the judge of ‘value.’

But here’s just a few of the adventures and experiences I’ve had that will give me plenty of topics to discuss, experiences to share, wisdom to pass on:

havre de grace tourism, hdg tourism

  •         House Parent for mentally challenged children, Erie PA
  •         Cook/Housekeeper for the very wealthy on Fishers Island NY
  •         Vinyl Repair Business in Lexington KY
  •         Workshops to ‘go for your dream’ – everywhere I live
  •         Healing Seminars (Therapeutic Touch) – Lexington KY, Ripley NY, Greene NY and Havre de Grace MD
  •         Village Greene, weekly advertising/community paper, Greene NY
  •         Sunshine Artist Magazine, feature marketing article 1994-96
  •         Small Pack Option (SPO) magazine, the Village Greene paper (NY state) and SPO - Small Pack Option Magazine for Beaglerseditor/publisher for monthly regional magazine for field trialing beagles, Whitney Point NY – 2 years
  •         Small Business Consultant – Greene NY, Binghamton NY, Havre de Grace MD
  •         Executive Director of the Skipjack Martha Lewis – Havre de Grace MD
  •         Lockhouse to Lighthouse, semi-annual publication highlighting tourism, etc for city of Havre de Grace MD…. which became…
  •         havredegrace ~ the meeting place ~  Magazine – semi-annual publication (full color, glossy 8×10) and supporting website (total of 10 years for these 2 pubs)
  •         Web Design/Maintenance for several small businesses and my own

In addition, I have 20+ years working in the corporate world from keypunch operator (yep, believe it or not, it was a glamour job in 1963!) to administrative assistant (1984 for Xerox in Albany NY) and a wide variety of positions in-between. I spent many years as a “permanent temp,” which I still believe is a perfect way to learn most anything!

Everything I’ve done – I learned by just doing it. I rarely stopped to think, “Wait, I don’t know how to do this!” I would just jump in (or, in a couple cases, was ‘nudged’ in) and give it a try.

ellieoops - signature for ellie mencer

Over the years I’ve experienced quite a variety of life challenges and abundance. In my later years – hopefully wiser – I find myself pondering many of the experiences in the context of today’s world (and my age!). I’ll share with you as we move forward.

May you enjoy many
in your life!
May you enjoy abundance spiced with a touch of daring-do!


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