Welcome to My Angst

Writing is too often very solitary in habit. Many writers require a social life to enjoy the gift of experiences, relationships, and the sights, sounds and touch of the world about them to add depth to their writing.

I am definitely one of those writers. I need weeks of interaction. Whether it be part-time work at a retail shop or marina, or just walking in a park and chatting with whomever crosses my path, interaction is what sparks my creativity.

In future posts, I will share the insights I glean from my social activities while sitting quietly at my writing desk. (Usually the computer!)

I humbly share with you and look forward to any comments you might have. I do ask that you maintain a civil tongue in all discourse. For every being there is an opinion. I welcome yours, but only if offered in a polite and civil manner.

Here’s to sharing a bit of my writer’s world …

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